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Sparkling Sand


Felicity Saxophonist


Professional saxophonist for your wedding 

Yes! Wedding planning is stressful. 

Hiring a professional with experience will certainly reduce your stress before and during the wedding.

Felicity is a highly experienced and versatile saxophone player. She enjoys consulting with her clients about their musical preferences and favourite songs to make their wedding day very special. 


As a solo artist, Felicity offers numerous advantages. 

Her powerful saxophone playing will bring emotions and glamour to your wedding ceremony.

She will create a wonderful atmosphere and keep your guests entertained during the cocktail party. And she can be the highlight of the night when playing with a DJ and getting people to the dance floor.

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High energy female saxophonist for your event

VIP Events, Theme Parties, Birthdays, Anniversaries, Corporate Events, Felicity is available worldwide.


Graduated from the Conservatory in Prague, and Saint Louis College of Music in Rome, Felicity is a jazz trained musician with a saxophone sound that grabs everyone’s attention.

Unique and highly talented, Felicity brings life and excitement into all types of live music events.


If you’re searching for the world-class entertainer for an important party or event, the female saxophonist Felicity is a great choice. 

Felicity provides background music for her solo performance or improvises alongside a DJ.

She often collaborates with other musicians all around the world and shares the stage with bands.

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Pro saxophone for your recording project

Do you really want your keyboard to sound like a saxophone? Please don't sample sax. It doesn’t sound well.

Real saxophone solo can make a difference in your recording. Felicity has a very expressive tone and plays tasteful improvisations. She will do awesome and creative work on your song

You don't have a recording project, but you want to surprise your loved ones with a saxophone version of their favourite song? 

Wonderful idea! Felicity may be able to help! 


The standard rate for a session musician is about 100 € per hour. 

Felicity loves what she does, and that's why she works fast. 

Depending on your project's complexity, Felicity will keep you on budget.

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