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Professional saxophonist with passion 


Felicity is a highly experienced saxophonist known for her energetic, powerful saxophone style which gets people to the dance floor, but she also brings high emotions and glamour to events when performing the most romantic love songs.


Born in the Czech Republic, Felicity graduated from the Conservatory of Jaroslav Jezek in Prague, and Saint Louis College of Music in Rome, Italy.


Felicity currently resides in Norway and speaks four languages fluently. She works with musical production companies affiliated with major European instrumental artists.

Her experience ranges from the luxury resorts on the Canary Islands, Maldives and Dubai to exclusive events in India, Africa and China, to chic weddings in Italy and France, high class private parties in Switzerland and Norway, iconic jazz clubs and music festivals all across Europe.


Extraordinarily versatile with her repertoire, Felicity provides background music for her solo performance or improvises alongside a DJ using her knowledge and training from the jazz music. She often collaborates with other musicians all around the world and shares the stage with bands.


Her previous most notable experiences includes: 

  • Got Talent (Czechoslovakia)

  • The opening act for legendary singer James Brown  

  • Jazz performances for Czech President Vaclav Klaus at the Prague Castle 


Felicity Saxophonist Bio