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Professional saxophonist with passion 

Meet Felicity

Sophisticated. Energetic. Globally acclaimed. Felicity isn't just a saxophonist; she's she's a phenomenon.
Jazz trained at the Conservatory of Jaroslav Jezek in Prague and Saint Louis College of Music in Rome, she has refined her skills to create an extraordinary experience that transcends music—it's a lifestyle.

Felicity's international event portfolio is as versatile as it is impressive. She has performed at exclusive corporate events in India, Africa, and China, at lavish weddings across Europe, and offered exclusive performances at luxury resorts in the Canary Islands and Maldives.

Her high-profile gigs include opening for the legendary James Brown and jazz concerts for Czech President Vaclav Klaus at Prague Castle.

Most recently, Felicity captivated audiences on Italy's most prestigious theatre stages and stadiums , performing alongside Italian film star Checco Zalone during his sold- out "Amore + Iva" tour.

A Saxophonist Like No Other

Energetic, powerful, yet soulful—Felicity's sax style is in a class of its own. She's not just a performer; she's a force. Whether lighting up a party or setting a romantic mood, Felicity's emotive sound is the highlight of any luxury event. When Felicity plays, static stages become a thing of the past. Her dynamic approach breaks all barriers between the artist and the audience, making every guest feel like part of the show.
By actively engaging and moving among the crowd, Felicity ensures that her musical experience isn't just heard—it's felt by everyone in the room. With her, you're not just booking a musician; you're securing an immersive, interactive event your guests won't soon forget

Customized Performances 

Felicity consults directly with her clients to curate a repertoire aligned with both their preferences and the mood of the event. Whether they desire soft, romantic melodies or energetic dance hits, her tailored approach ensures a musical experience that resonates with her client and their guests.

More Than Just a Sax

Felicity isn't just about the music. She's a creative talent, running her own YouTube channel where she personally handles everything from audio to video, photography, and graphic design.

Speaking four languages fluently,Felicity loves connecting with people from all over the world. She's made her home in places like Italy and Spain and is currently living in Norway. With Czech roots and Greek heritage from her mother, she's sees herself as a global citizen.

When she's not captivating audiences, she's up in the skies in her favorites planes and gliders, indulging her passion for aviation.

Felicity Saxophonist Bio